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Motivational Speaker

With her down-to-earth, approachable style Kerri’s now sharing her powerful knowledge with organisations to turn their staff into formidable teams sharing one common goal and shooting for the stars.  Read more.
Team Building


If you think you can jump, try a team building corporate event with Kerri!

Are you organising a conference and feel that you're in need for something a little different? Do you want to involve everyone, have some fun and add some "wow" factor. Read more.

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Are you looking to book Kerri as a speaker, MC, Corporate Video presenter or to endorse your product? Contact Kerri directly.

Kerri’s easy style lends itself to many different kinds of media opportunities and invitations to appear on various shows. For more information Contact Kerri directly.

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Wonder from Down Under

Australian Olympic hero Kerri Pottharst continues to excel By: Matt Landes, 9/12/2009

Kerri Pottharst overcame significant obstacles to win Olympic gold in her hometown and inspire fans everywhere. Read more

The Mindset of a Champion

Kerri Pottharst is one of Australia’s most well known and well-loved athletes – a triple Olympian with two Olympic medals, Kerri spent 22 years competing in a sport she loves.

She is one of Australia’s most decorated indoor and beach volleyball players and is the only Australian woman to have competed in the prestigious A1 Italian Indoor Volleyball League.

After overcoming countless challenges and potentially devastating injuries that threatened to end her sporting career, Kerri’s drive to succeed saw her take to the court to win Bronze at the Atlanta Olympics. But it was her unparalleled strength, focus and determination that allowed her to transform her Bronze into Gold on Bondi Beach at the Sydney 2000 Olympics, in an overwhelming demonstration of the power of courage, persistence and personal belief.

Since retiring from national and international competition in 2005, Kerri now divides her time between her three passions – her family, coaching elite-level volleyball, and inspiring people from all walks of life to achieve excellence through her keynote presentations and motivational workshops.

Working now with a range of businesses, imparting knowledge to executives,  managers and staff about the disciplines she learned from elite sport, and how they can be applied to business..

Her inspirational Goal Setting workshops, captivating Keynote Presentations and exciting Corporate Team Building events will challenge your beliefs, stretch your boundaries and push you beyond your comfort zone.

You will discover the secrets to goal-setting success, develop invaluable communication strategies and learn new skills that will allow you to achieve your full potential – and they’re also a whole lot of fun!

Find out more about how Kerri can help you achieve a Gold medal standard of success:

Motivational Speaking

Team Building events

Goal setting workshops

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Olympic GamesTeam of the Decade 1990 - 2000Hall of Fame 2007

Olympic Games

Bronze 1996

 Gold Medal 2000

9th Place 2004

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 Do you want to compete successfully on the world stage and enjoy a lucrative career in sport?

In The Business of Being an Athlete, Kerri draws from more than twenty-five years’ experience and reveals how the right attitude, the right tools, and the right approach took her from being a part-time athlete to becoming a multi-award winning champion, a hot property for sponsorship, and a successful entrepreneur.  Click here to learn more.

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