Overcome your fears


How many tasks have you stood in front of and thought that were impossible? That there’s no way you’ll be able to do them and that they are obstacles to your goal?

For Kerri Pottharst, before the 2000 Olympic Games, it was the Brazilians!


An exciting addition to speaking presentations - Kerri will demonstrate walking bare foot across broken glass. She also asks one or two participants to walk across with her and if it's a small group, everyone can do it!



"We’d lined up against them so many times and we thought that they were unbeatable. Most of the teams in the World thought they were unbeatable. They had won almost every event during the last 3 years leading up to the Olympics."

So when Kerri realised that she “thought” that they were unbeatable, she also began to realise that there were plenty of other things in her life that she “thought” were unachievable. One of those things was walking bare foot on broken shards of glass!


"Our Success Coach, Kurek Ashley, put together glass from 100’s of broken beer and wine bottles and had us trust him and take a leap of faith by walking across it."


“I asked the girls what fears were holding them back from the things that they wanted. I asked them what they needed to let go of in order to reach their goals. The glass walk is all about having faith. Faith is the ability to see the invisible. Faith that by taking small risks, we can push our limits and achieve things that we previously thought were impossible.” – Kurek Ashley.


Most people are completely unaware that they possess the courage to do the things they never thought possible. Why? Because if they were aware, they’d have to try it – and that’s a risk. Most people play it safe. They are afraid of venturing into the unknown.


The real reason most of us are afraid to make a commitment to excellence is our fear of failure. It’s easier to stay in your comfort zone. Walking on Broken Glass is definitely out of most people’s comfort zone and makes an exciting conclusion to Kerri's presentations!


** Please note - in over 300 presentations, not one person has regretted walking across the glass and no one has ever been injured.



Note to event planners:

  • AV requirements: Lapel or hand held microphone, DVD player with speakers (Kerri has a dynamic 3 minute video as an introduction which takes everyone back to that special moment in September 2000 on Bondi Beach.)
  • The glass for the Glass Walk is completely contained and easy to transport. Kerri does 3 easy steps across it and invites 1 or 2 members of the audience to participate, if they want to.