"Wow, what an inspiration you are. Two weeks ago as a dirty filthy smoker I raised my hand (well, Phil Wade raised my hand ... hehehe) and made the commitment to myself to change my habits. I have to tell you, it's not been easy and I will admit to slipping up a couple of times, however, for the most part I can proudly tell people "no thanks, I don't smoke". As well as how good it feels to breathe fresh air, I've also noticed I don't open my purse nearly as much, I can actually smell the perfume I wear and I'm sure that if I had anyone to kiss me, they would notice the difference too! haha

Kerri, thank you for giving us your time and your energy. I know I'm not alone in finding inspiration in your words. I do believe that the reason we all related to you and admire you is that you are so "real". We know that the things you're challenging us to do, you have done yourself, through sheer hard work and determination. The message is clear ... anything can be achieved with a vision, a plan and will-power.

Thank you again." 

Sharon Wilkerson

I cannot agree more! I thoroughly enjoyed the experience....and that's saying something after 3.5hours on a Friday night after a long, long week....she still managed to keep me captivated!

Probably what I gained most was not so much as setting lots of goals, but taking just one and making that the main focus..

I generally found Kerri's whole approach and delivery just so relaxed....she could connect with absolutely any personality in that room on the night I think! It also helps when the person out front is not pretentious in any way, shape or form.

What a coup for Michelle and Step Into Life! It was a really worthwhile experience which I am very happy that I could be a part of.

Liesl - Step into Life

By openly sharing her own experiences in regard to adjusting mindset and removing counter productive elements in order to achieve rewarding life goals, Kerri has undoubtedly provided a platform of encouragement for anyone who genuinely wants to accomplish similar feats in their own life.

The moral of the story seemed incredibly appropriate in that if we really want ‘something’ badly enough, and set about achieving that ‘something’, anything is indeed possible if we are motivated enough to go after it. 

The venue was comfortable, the finger food was delicious, appropriate and well received and most of all, the talk was impressionable.
Lindy - Step into Life