"Thank you for your inspirational, motivational and highly entertaining talk. I hope you're still on the speaking circuit when my daughters get to high school - I would love for them to be inspired by your words of wisdom to be the best they can be."

Melissa Lammers

Principal Solicitor

Shire Legal



“Thank you for such an awesome presentation and for being apart of our (CFA) Accelerate Conference. We already have "massive" interest for September...”

Matt Cheesman
Complete Fitness Australia
Complete Supplements Australia

“Kerri these guys loved you BTW – thanks as always for doing a great job and making our clients happy.”

Carol Pedersen
Saxton Speaker’s Bureau

“Dear Kerri, on all accounts you were fabulous! 



Thank you so very much for your support. I have had phone calls and many comments about how professional, motivating and entertaining you were. My only complaint is that I missed it!


Thank you again. I look forward to the possibility of working with you again." 

Erin Adams
Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children (RIDBC)


Comments from participants at Sullivan Dewing:

  • “Loved hearing the story of Kerri’s journey”

  • “Kerri was inspirational”

  • “Walking on glass was very different”

  • “Kerri was a great speaker & inspirational”

  • “Guest speaker was excellent”

  • “Kerri – very practical advice”

  • ”Kerri Pottharst motivational speech was terrific.  Very suitable speaker for the event”

  • “Enjoyed talk by Kerri – very inspiring!  Love the way it was presented.”

Jennifer Palmer

Marketing Manager

Sullivan Dewing Pty Limited

"Thanks for being an advocate, friend, champion and support of our Special Olympics athletes. Everyone can achieve their personal best in sport in life!

Your speech and motivation at this week Inspirational Breakfast to support Special Olympics Australia was truly inspiring - THANK YOU THANK YOU for support our charity and movement!"

Special Olympics Australia


“Thanks so much for sharing your journey of "Turning Bronze into Gold."

The team were definitely inspired by your personal story of achievement and really enjoyed playing beach volleyball with an Olympic gold medallist.

I personally found it to be a great session and surprised myself by walking on broken glass ... twice! Then having the whole of the Westpac Risk Leadership Team walk on broken glass is something I thought would never happen.”

Greg Targett

Chief Risk Officer
The Westpac Group



“Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your talk. Loved the journey and the commitment. It all begins with talent and a vision. Followed up by your perfect execution of the plan.

The finish up with walking on glass was fantastic. Everyone is talking about what a great presentation you did and that this is the best International Womens Day lunch we have hosted.”

Terry Dewing


Sullivan Dewing Pty Limited



“Kerri, I wanted to say how delighted we were to have you attend our event last night.

You did a great job of networking and speaking. Thank you so much and I look forward to meeting up again at some time in the future.”

Timothy Smith

Head of Private Bank NSW/ACT

Westpac Private Bank | BT Financial Group

“THANK YOU for your wonderful, inspiring and at times funny speech.

You were the highlight of the evening and our staff really enjoyed being able to touch your Olympic medals, have a photo taken with you at the end of the night and a bit of a chat too.

I highly recommend you for any event as your story is relevant to such a broad range of people.”

Evette Deaves 
Marketing and Communications Team Leader
University of Wollongong NSW


“Kerri Pottharst was the guest speaker at a fundraiser I attended recently.  Observing her before she spoke ...I knew we were in for a treat.

She oozes enthusiasm. If you had a goal in your mind...she is the one to break down any obstacles...to allow you to BELIEVE you can do it!!

She has the ability to AWAKEN every cell in your body and INSPIRE you to make it happen...no matter your age.

I have been a Speech, Voice and public speaking coach for 40 years plus.  Kerri Pottharst is a class act.

One of the most inspiring and impressive speakers I have ever heard.”

Tina Colagiuri



“Thank you so very much for your support. I have had phone calls and many comments about how professional, motivating and entertaining you were!

Thank you again. I look forward to the possibility of working with you again.”

Erin Adams

Lantern Club Coordinator

Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children (RIDBC)

“It was truly a pleasure and the feedback on both events were marvellous. Our staff really responded to the stories that you shared and it drew out great parallels as to what we are trying to achieve as an organization. 

I could actually see the YAA finalists eyes light up and get a little wider when you walked into the room on the Friday afternoon. It was self evident that they responded to the level of accessibility which you afforded them before and after the presentation. 

I am confident that we would have no hesitation in engaging your services again for either internal or external purposes. You were truly a knowledgeable, open and engaging professional.”

Mark Anning

General Manager, Marketing & Sales




“A very big thank you for speaking at the event today. Within an hour of it finishing I must have had at least 10 emails from people commenting on how much they enjoyed it and were inspired by what you had to say.


I thought what you said and the way you delivered it was excellent. I personally took a lot away from today and will be putting in place a number of things you spoke about. In particular the slide you had with the Olympic rings and the headings you had in each area.

Thanks again.”

Stephen Moir
Moir Group


Comments from participants at the Moir Group:

  • "Very good content and speaking style. A very natural and accomplished speaker who had some very good takeaway ideas.

  • Very inspiring, uplifting and positive presentation from Kerry. I left there feeling motivated and positive. The Moir Team were fantastic too - as a job seeker, they continue to provide me with invaluable assistance and guidance. Fantastic day both in terms of Kerry and the way the MOIR team members made themselves available

  • Speaker was really good and the length of the event was practical and easy to attend

  • You selected a great speaker in Kerri Pottharst, very down to earth yet had so much knowledge to share. Highly inspirational.

  • The event was interactive. The speaker could captivate her audience.

  • Speaker was an excellent motivator and was a good choice to uplift the event

  • Kerri was an engaging and exciting speaker. The finale of Glass walking was excellent.

  • Excellent speaker Also very good catering.

  • Excellent presenter. The presentation was kept relevant to the audience.

  • It was very inspirational and thought provoking

  • Great Speaker, interesting and applicable to lots of situations

  • It was very inspiring to hear from an Olympic champion, to see the medals and share in Kerri's enthusiasm for achievement

  • Brilliant organisation, fabulous food (!) and Kerry was an incredibly inspirational speaker. Thank you for the invitation.

  • Excellent speaker with interesting and relevant information presented in a humorous way.

  • It was great. Well planned and the speaker was very inspiring.”

Kristy Smith

Operations Manager
Moir Group


"Your presentation was sensational and the combination of your talk with the glass walking worked perfectly. I had visions of the guys not being able to walk for weeks afterwards so sorry for my trepidation! It was an incredible experience actually doing the glass walking.

We collected feedback forms at the end of the conference and there was an incredibly positive response to your session. This isn’t always the case with key note speakers as they can sometimes come across as removed from the real world, a bit elitist or even too ‘blokey’. Some of the specific feedback about your presentation was:

“Thanks for the fantastic guest speaker – Kerri was inspiring!”

“I got a lot from Kerri.”

And interestingly almost 50% of delegates reported on their feedback forms they wanted a guest speaker at the next conference who was “just like Kerri Pottharst”. I’m not sure how I can do that!

You came across as authentic with your examples of overcoming the adversity that has been thrown at you. Your openness in sharing your story and your ongoing tenacity helped the group really connect with you. You managed to tap into the personal motivators for most individuals within the group – to the extent that people were quoting you and talking about your story for the remainder of the conference.

I couldn’t imagine an inspirational presentation that was more appropriate for where the team are at in their own quest for market leadership. Your preparation and understanding of the teams current issues was sensational. This allowed you to connect your story with the specifics of the teams’ own goals and vision. I’m confident you’ve had a lasting, positive impact on the entire team and will help many individuals achieve their own goals.

Thanks again Kerri. I’m looking forward to letting you know the team’s achievements in the future and getting you back for another presentation. I’ll try to make it somewhere other than Wollongong next time!

I’m more than happy for your prospective clients to contact me if they need to hear from a past client if this helps."

Rob Dickerson
Proctor and Gamble


"Thank YOU for such an amazing session yesterday - you completely exceeded my expectations and made it such an educational and motivating session for our staff. I will certainly send you the feedback from the attendees and I look forward to discussing with you soon some prospects for future sessions."

Linda Sabry
Internal Communications Consultant
Human Resources & Corporate Services
AMP Capital Investors Ltd.


"It was a real pleasure to get to know you, and I want to thank you for being with us in Paris, speaking to us and helping to create a great evening for my team."

Pim Fris 
Special Consultant Transfer Pricing for Europe 
NERA Economic Consulting - Paris


"Kerri , a quick thank you for your very grounded and down to earth presentation the other night at the Service dinner. Bobs' team had a great day on Friday and you helped to set it up well."

Russell Hewit 
Chief Executive Officer 
Vodafone Australia


"Below is the feedback from the seminar. Your presentation was a huge success!!! Thank you for your hard work and efforts!!!"

Jackie De Oliveir 
Executive Officer 
Womensport and Recreation NSW


  • Kerri was fabulous

  • Kerri was excellent in her presentation and passing of knowledge

  • I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Kerri speak. I felt absolutely inspired by Kerri.  Her presentation skills were excellent and I was always excited about listening to what she was saying. 

  • Kerri was very entertaining. Her story was interesting and she told it very well. She was animated and honest, and open to talking about all aspects of her life and journey which I found very approachable. I would listen to her again in the future.

  • Kerri was a fantastic guest speaker and showed practical results of the initiatives

"As discussed recently, below are some comments made by audience members regarding Kerri Pottharst who spoke at our Holsworthy Community of Schools Development Day."

Craig Levings
Hammondville Public School


  • Excellent, very motivational

  • Highlights the importance of striving to improve

  • I thoroughly enjoyed her presentation. Very inspirational for our personal lives. I also feel that this was useful in helping me focus on teaching.

  • Very inspiring and encouraging

  • Sensational speech, highly motivational

  • Instilled a belief that goals can be achieved, no matter how great they are – she was fantastic

  • Extremely inspirational and motivating

  • Kerri was very motivating, a great speaker, excellent

  • Excellent, very interesting. Spoke well and it was all relevant to work and personal life

  • Kerri is great

  • Motivational, positive, related to education, inspirational, relevant

  • Very inspiring, able to use goal messages and positive attitudes for my own life journey

  • Absolutely fabulous and inspiring

  • Very interesting and useful from a team motivational aspect

  • Excellent would like to hear her again

  • Very motivational and inspiring. GO FOR GOLD!!

  • Excellent, kept the audience entertained and interested

  • Extremely interesting and informative. Quite inspirational

  • Excellent. Just what teachers need

  • Very motivational!! What a WOMAN

  • Excellent session and very interesting. So motivating even though I wouldn’t walk on glass

  • Incredible person. She definitely inspired me to be more positive

  • Positive, inspirational session. Provided food for thought for all aspects of life

  • Great presentation. Her strategies for team building are easily transferred to team building in schools

  • Very inspirational speaker. Some great ideas for goal setting

  • Fantastic motivational speaker. Isn’t life beautiful!!

"I had the pleasure of being motivated, inspired and excited by you at our recent workshop at Parramatta Stadium. I appreciated everything you had to say that night mainly because you sounded so passionate and enthusiastic and you couldn't stop smiling! I am a rower at Macquarie University Rowing Club who came to the 'sportswomen- get out in Front' workshop, a little bit shy and retired and not really sure what to expect.

But you did something that I will always remember - that is, clearly expressing in no uncertain terms how much passion and enthusiasm you had for your sport and making me feel like a champion as well. The evening turned out to be a really awesome and relaxed affair that I wish in fact could have lasted a few more hours.

The skills I developed and hints to success that I had the pleasure of listening to, has in turn put into practice what I learnt that evening."

Merinda Breen


"PS. You have made DREAMING more fun to do, BELIEVING in myself a lot easier to manage and ACHIEVING a little less daunting. - THANK YOU!"

Your Overall Grading:


Your Comments:

"What a great speaker, gave the audience a terrific story in a well paced and highly entertaining presentation, great attitude and a professional."

Gary Bender
World Corporate Travel


"A BIG THANK YOU for all you did last night.  The feedback from parents and athletes was fantastic, and so nice to know they got a lot out of it (which was our aim of course).  Thanks for being so flexible and working with Chemene.  You guys did a nice job of making it interesting with lots of examples and story telling which I think is great for these athletes."

Emily Figueroa
Project Administrator
Media & Sponsorship Training for Sportswomen


"Kerri attended Sportsfest - a local community event encouraging participation in local sporting and recreational activities. Kerri ran some volleyball skills, drills and games for local kids and was kept busy the whole time. She was fantastic with the kids and despite having the Flu kept up with energy and enthusiasm the whole time. Having Kerri there was an inspiration to all involved. Watching Kerri perform with the local indigenous kids "Drum Atwume" was also a highlight.

Kerri's presentation to local Council staff was also a special experience. Her mix or real life experiences and anecdotes of her illustrious Volleyball career were both very entertaining and inspirational.  Kerri touched many during her presentation and was very professional and entertaining.

 Having Kerri visit the Alice was a very special and rewarding experience.

 Many thanks for some fantastic memories Kerri -  you are an amazing athlete and an amazing person."

Dale McIver
Sport & Recreation Officer
Alice Springs Town Council


"Thankyou Kerri for your inspiring and extremely down to earth presentation.  You spoke opening and freely of your experiences and what made you so successful.   People really could relate to your experience and took away some important messages.  I really appreciate you also taking the time after your presentation to mingle and talk to the team.  

You were extremely flexible and willing to adapt to our requirements (which changed several times).  I had several people after the meeting track me down to express their delight in having a presenter who was so open, pleasant and motivating.  

Thankyou once again for an inspirational and very down to earth presentation."

Kim  Evans


"Everyone I spoke to thought your session was excellent."

Adam Downie
Senior Relationship Manager, Key Accounts | Partnerships Distribution
Westpac Banking Corporation


"Thanks, I hear your session was just sensational. I joined Mark /team for the dinner on Thursday evening.

In particular, Glen Ellis was incredibly moved / impacted by the session. He gave me a lengthy debrief!!!...."

Peter Golovsk 
Head of Key Accounts| Third Party Distribution
Westpac Banking Corporation


"On behalf of The Cobra Group, I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you very much for attending our recent conference in Port Douglas.

Kerri, it was just marvellous. Congratulations on an enthusiastic and passionate presentation.

Our delegates were made up of small business owners from around the world who are attempting to build, create and develop their own business to its full potential.

The combination of your story with its message hit home with all those delegates (even those whom didn’t speak English) on what you can achieve if you just focus on it.

What most impressed me was your willingness to associate, talk and get involved with the people from our convention, and for that I sincerely thank you.

While our participants Beach Volleyball skills did not match their enthusiasm, praise must be passed on to your team for their involvement in capping off a great week for our Organisation.

The whole package! A story, a message, involvement, and an attitude to suit!"

Shane Ward
Vice President
The Cobra Group


"Thanks for your thanks but really I need to thank YOU.

You were really great and lovely and beautiful and went a big way to making the day the huge success that it was, and we have been inundated with emails today from people thanking us for the opportunity to attend such an amazing event and promising they'll be in touch soon to book their speakers."

Steve Potter
NSW Manager
ICMI Speakers & Entertainers


"Great to meet you last week and once again thank you for an inspiring and fascinating talk.  As a regular sponsor and attendee of these types of events, it is always a privilege and delight to have such a professional and interesting motivational speaker."

Dan Usher
Fuji Xerox


"Can I first of all just say thanks so much for such an excellent workshop and presentation with our group - the feedback has truly been tremendous."

Michele Jone 
Operations, Recruitment & Legal Consultant 


"I would just like to say thankyou for making our seminar an unbelievable experience....

I am privileged to have been amongst your presence and share all your success and vision you have had...

It has given me a stronger belief in myself and a new focus in life with an outlook of: IF YOU BELIEVE YOU WILL ACHIEVE..

Your humbleness and will to share with others is electrifying and I cannot thankyou enough.

You are truly a GOLD medallist

Thankyou for making my life better...."

Training Professional


Speaker Rating: 10/10

Speaker Comments:

"Kerri provided an excellent presentation.

Kerri had taken the time to plan her presentation to incorporate the theme of our conference.  The actual presentation was a highly entertaining mix of anecdotes from her Olympic experience blended with the motivational tools Kerri used to achieve her goals. The reason our conference chose Kerri as a motivational speaker is that our conference, which is health industry based, has a large number of women delegates.

The conference organisers wanted a high profile woman."

Health Services Supply Association


It is always great to have someone attend a corporate lunch who is passionate and enlightening.  You are definitely that.

Kevin Rowlan 
Area Manager
Commonwealth Bank


"Wow, what an inspiration you are.  Two weeks ago as a dirty filthy smoker I raised my hand (well, Phil raised my hand ... hehehe) and made the commitment to myself to change my habits.  I have to tell you, it's not been easy and I will admit to slipping up a couple of times, however, for the most part I can proudly tell people "no thanks, I don't smoke".  As well as how good it feels to breathe fresh air, I've also noticed I don't open my purse nearly as much, I can actually smell the perfume I wear and I'm sure that if I had anyone to kiss me, they would notice the difference too! 

Kerri, thank you for giving us your time and your energy.  I know I'm not alone in finding inspiration in your words.  I do believe that the reason we all related to you and admire you is that you are so "real".  We know that the things you're challenging us to do, you have done yourself, through sheer hard work and determination.  The message is clear ... anything can be achieved with a vision, a plan and will-power."



"Just wanted to drop you a line and say how fantastic I thought Kerri was on the Seafolly away day. I must say I have attended many away days and this lunch time hit out was fantastic! Kerri was extremely professional and WOW, what a woman- very impressive!

Meeting some one that has achieved what she has on that kind of casual basis was a real thrill! She was inspirational and not to mention can not believe I picked up as many tips as I did!"

Stuart O’Brie 
Managing Director
Moon Design


"Kerri Pottharst is an inspiring person not only for kids, but for adults as well. Her beach volleyball workshop with the kids was fantastic, they said it was the best activity they had participated in. Kerri is a warm and approachable person, who interacts easily with everyone. It was great to have

Kerri as a part of our conference."

NSW Rural Doctors Network


"Yesterday I had the pleasure of listening to you at the PA Summit in Melbourne. I felt the need to contact you today to let you know you have changed my life....ok, for now you have changed my view on life, but I have already improved that 1% as you say on the way to changing the whole 100% of my life. Thank you so much. I had what Oprah would call a "lightbulb" moment whilst you were presenting, and believe me it has come at a time when I was really looking for something to motivate and inspire me. I didn't realise it was going to come yesterday. It did. I'm sure in your speaking you have had this effect on many people, you should be so proud. Confession - I was one of the 2 ladies that went up the back for the glass walking section, as glass has always been a phobia of mine, but I'm sure those women who experienced that walked away feeling as enthused about their life from now going forward as I did. I actually took 3 pages of notes during your presentation and have today printed a photo of you off and stuck it to my new "goal book" so I can remember why it was I decided to start the book in the first place - you telling me I can be what I want to be.

You're a legend. Thanks"

Amanda Lee - PA Summit



"It was a real pleasure to get to know you, and I want to thank you for being with us in Paris, speaking to us and helping to create a great evening for my team.

I hope that one day we'll meet again, wherever that may be..."

Pim Fris
Special Consultant Transfer Pricing for Europe
NERA Economic Consulting




"I heard fantastic feedback from your event last night, apologies that I could stay it seems I missed out on a great event. Have had some feedback that you are to date one of the better speakers we have had which I thought I'd share with you.


As you mentioned yesterday, I am happy to have you back again to present in the new year some-time..."

Rebecca Mangion
Retail Event Manager
MBF Group



Comments from participants at the International Women’s Day breakfast in Manly on speaker, Kerri Pottharst:


“truly inspirational”


“lively & interesting”

“excellent, fun & captivating”

“related well to everyone”

“Kerri Pottharst was a brilliant speaker – enjoyed her speech very much”

“my new inspiration”

"down to earth”

Denise Catt
Events Coordinator – International Women’s Day
Manly Council



"Your presentations were really well received by everyone, and after tallying the feedback forms we found that you scored an average of 4.9 out of 5. We received over 300 feedback forms so that would mean the overwhelming majority of delegates scored you 5/5. So thanks for doing such a great job, I really appreciate it.


I had an email from one of your Brisbane glass-walkees this morning – the one who wants to run the Melbourne Marathon in a couple of months’ time. She wrote me to tell me that her life has turned around and that her training’s back on track, all as a result of your presentation, so that’s great.


Good luck with the book, hopefully we’ll work together again soon."

James Matthews
ThinkTank Media Pty Ltd

"I just wanted to forward some of the wonderful testimonials just sent to us from the PA Summit. You scored an unbelievable 4.9 out of 5!  Wow.  Well done you. Obviously you were the highlight of the Summit for many delegates. - Kaaren Peterson, Ovations Speaking Bureau"


Here are some of the comments:


Exceptional speakers – Kerri Pottharst and Natalie Barr were very inspirational"





"Great move having Kerri first up – fantastically inspirational. Awesome way to start the day!"

EA to the CEO, ESSSuper




Kerri was absolutely amazing and a fantastic start to the day. Natalie is wonderful, moving, a real role model for working women.

Executive Assistant, The University of Queensland



“Very interesting and effective speakers. Thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Thoroughly enjoyed Kerri Pottharst’s presentation – very motivating. ....”

Administration Assistant, Powerlink Queensland


"Kerri Pottharst was BRILLIANT – what an inspirational speaker. She delivers a message that everyone can take on board. She is GOLD!"

EA to COO, WHK Group



"All the guest speakers were particularly good – I especially enjoyed Kerri Pottharst. She was an absolute star – so motivating and engaging. I really enjoyed attending today."

Executive Assistant, Lion Nathan



"Great day.  Kerri Pottharst was just fantastic."

EA to General Manager, Quest Community Newspapers



"Professional speakers were very good. Invigorating start to the day by Kerri."

Executive Assistant, University of Queensland



"Thank you for such a great beach session and talk, your part of the conference was the highlight for all the delegates .As part of the conference wrap up I ask all delegates to fill in a feedback form. The most popular part of the conference by an overwhelming majority was your talk and the beach volleyball session.


So thanks again, your contribution to our sales conference was much appreciated. I would be happy to recommend your services or be a reference if required."

Kathy Jack
Joyce Foam Products



"Thanks Kerri for a brilliant and inspiring presentation at our Christmas dinner. Your ability to connect with our group in a down-to-earth and personable way left a lasting impression on all of us. You were a hot talking topic around the office in the week that followed, which is a clear sign of the positive and memorable impact you made."

Michelle Wainwright
HR Coordinator
E*TRADE Australia



“I would like to thank you again for joining our team at our recent planning conference. The inspiration taken from your achievements and your beliefs will be held in front of mind. The demonstration of your humility by sharing your personal experiences with the group illustrated not only a phenomenal athlete but a warm individual that empowered our team. Thanks again.”

Olivier Chretien
Managing Director
Wesfarmers Industrial and Safety



“Your presentation was superb and your themes of goal setting, passion and belief were referred to by many of the other speakers throughout the 2 days. The was a lot of “Kerri said….” I see the purpose of the keynote speaker being to set the tone for the conference and that is exactly what happened. Thank you once again."

Jenny Mathew
Australian College of Midwives (NSW branch)




"Thank you so much for sharing your empowering courage today at the Nuskin Leadership Training, you were truly and genuinely inspirational.


Today's experience  was momentous for me, as in accepting your chalenge to walk on the broken glass demonstrated to me that my fear can be overcome only through action. You were always my superhero and I am so grateful that I have now met you. Thankyou for your loving hug. Many thanks."

Lucy Donnellan



Comments from an attendee at the Get Out in Front program I attended and spoke at Mar 06:


“You have made DREAMING more fun to do, BELIEVING in myself a lot easier to manage and ACHIEVING a little less daunting.



Vera Wang

Attendee - "Get Out in Front"


"I am so grateful for having had the opportunity to actually meet Kerri Pottharst, an Olympic great. It was amazing to get to know how she had achieved her success. Her message was clear: Dream, Believe, Visualise it’s already done, and Achieve. It was incredible to know that she is also a normal human being just like myself.


Her glass walk was an incredible experience, I've done many fire walks, many arrow breaks, 50ft pole jumping, but glass walking - especially on large pieces of broken glass - was different. I have to admit that I had fear inside me. However, I was guided by Kerri's hand personally and that gave me so much confidence. I also got a chance to touch a real gold and bronze Olympic medal, something I will cherish forever."

Terry Tran
Sydney, NSW



"Kerri Pottharst presented on ‘Passion, Pride and Purpose’ at the Proteus ‘Leaders with a Life’ Conference in May 2006 in Adelaide.


Kerri’s presentation was a terrific summary of her experience at the Olympics - including her gold medal victory at Sydney, and her achievements in life and as an elite athlete. Her presentation was well received by our participants and her motivation and down-to-earth style made the presentation a delight to listen to and also transferable to day-to-day life experiences.


A very motivational session with great ideas in goal setting and overcoming fears and barriers.


She will make you walk on glass to reach your goal - literally!"

Richard Dore
The Proteus Leadership Centre



"Just a final “thank you” for Saturday night. I have had so many positive comments about your presence – your personal insight for our young athletes, your patience and grace with the photography requests etc – and I know the guests at your table enjoyed the opportunity to meet and chat with you."

Martin Bullock CEO
Western Sydney Academy of Sport Inc.



"I just wanted to thank you personally for your fabulous contribution to Mount Sinai Col-lege/Maroubra Synagogue’s Golf Day Dinner yesterday. Without doubt, your address made the evening and everyone was so impressed by how down to earth and “real” you are, while at the same time being such an accomplished speaker with such an amazing story to tell. The glass walk was a big hit too!!!! Each time I see you speak, I enjoy the delivery as much as I did the first time I saw you speak and I know that when we refer you to our clients, we can be 100% confident that you will wow their audiences!"

Ilana Den
Conference Call (Australia) Pty Ltd




"Kerri was excellent. She was a brilliant presenter and a pleasure to deal with.  Kerri covered the brief brilliantly and tied in our messages to her presentation to perfection.  The glass walking was talked about for the rest of the conference.”

Emma StClair
Financial Services Partners




"The conference overall was an absolute winner!  The feedback from staff has been so positive and everyone is really pumped for the year ahead...


So, thank you so much for being such an important part of our conference.  Your talk was very inspi-rational and also very appropriate for where we are at and where we (as a company and individuals) can go if we put our mind to it.”

Prue Chivers
Executive Assistant to Managing Director
Makhteshim-Agan Australasia Pty Ltd



"We have used the services of Kerri Pottharst on a number of occasions for different events and she has always proved to be a consummate professional. Kerri takes her skills and dedication as an athlete and uses this as she transforms into a wonderful presenter, motivator and team builder.

Firstly she listens to your brief and develops her presentation specifically to suit the audience and the scenario. She wants to know and understand who she will be talking to and why and then most importantly, she delivers. Her enthusiasm is boundless and infectious; she is warm and friendly and is so obviously passionate about what she does.


I have no hesitation in recommending her as a guest speaker, motivator or team builder to anyone looking to work with a class act."

Annette Horst
Events Marketing Manager




"Your honest reflection of your lowest moments to your highest successes in front our managers was an inspiration to all of us and we are already using your story as a benchmark on how we can achieve extraordinary things as we work through our challenges and towards our future ambitions."


It was refreshing to hear a presenter who was speaking from the heart and the fact that you answered many questions from the floor about yourself, your career, your partners and the people who helped you get there with complete honesty was a highlight that many of the guys were talking about for the remainder of the week."


To the luck ones who got their photo taken with you and your magnificent Gold and Bronze medals, we thank you for the opportunity. We all agreed what a privilege it was to mix with an Olympic Gold medallist and wear their Gold Medal around our necks – not to mention a SYDNEY GOLD MEDAL."

Richard Purser
General Manager
Coates Shorco Sykes



"Let me start by saying thank you, Kerri. Not only was your presentation inspirational but it was wonderfully entertaining.


You have a terrific ability to gain the trust of your audience, compelling them to hang onto every word. Your purposeful development of stories and how they related back to key business principals was straight to the point and made it very easy for individuals to relate it back to instances in their own businesses.


Not only was your speech fabulous, but the time you spent afterwards signing autographs and having pictures taken, made the whole experience a very personal one for all those who attended the evening."

Peter Hardy
National Footwear and Apparel Manager
Rebel Sport Ltd




"Kerri was fantastic, a good speaker with a simple message who knew how to relate to her audience & tell her story in a way that we all could understand & take something from. We used a bit of her positive attitude & never give in mentality throughout the remainder of our conference & I hope it rubbed off on some of our guys."

Don Scott
Coates Shorco Sykes Hire



Speaker Rating: 10/10


"Kerri provided an excellent presentation.


Kerri had taken the time to plan her presentation to incorporate the theme of our conference. The actual presentation was a highly entertaining mix of anecdotes from her Olympic experience blended with the motivational tools Kerri used to achieve her goals."

Russell Smith
Health Services Supply Association



"Kerri delivered an outstanding address as part of Westpac boardroom dinner, keeping her audience enthralled in her sporting experiences both on and off the field. Kerri is easy to listen too, delivering her messages in an down to earth, intimate and candid way."

Peter Golovsky
Head of Key Accounts
Westpac Banking Corporation



"On behalf of Request I wish to express our appreciation for your after dinner speech at the Request Channel Partner Forum Gala Dinner. Your talk was professionally presented and angled perfectly towards our forum theme - with great clarity and pragmatic comments.


I would also like to thank you for staying after your speech to sign postcards and our beach ball, this was much appreciated by the attendees. I would be delighted to recommend you to organizers of other corporate dinners, indeed many of our delegates mentioned they would be approaching you for their own corporate functions."

Scott Carter
Director of Sales, Request
Broadband For Business




"Your overall grading? - Excellent.


Kerri's pre function communication was good.


Kerri's presentation 'package' was very well received by our audience - the combination of video, talk with underpinning theme of goal setting, self belief and personal responsibility in the context of Kerri's drive for 'gold medal excellence', and the willingness to share her Olympic medals with the audience , was perfectly pitched to our audience.


Bringing the postcards for autographing went down very well, as of course did Kerri's ease in interacting with all and sundry.


In short Kerri was professional and charming, resulting in some very happy punters."

David Jewell
AABS Financial Services
Ernst & Young




"Thank you so much for speaking to our club last Tuesday, and for presenting the awards to our Pride of Workmanship awardees.


Just you being there as a recent Olympic Gold Medal Winner was a thrill for us but we had no idea what a treat we had in store.


When you spoke you managed to project great warmth and you made an immediate connection with your audience as you shared your personal trials and triumphs with us. I looked around the room a few times and I could see that every member of the audience was absolutely engrossed in your story.


So often we see the sporting triumphs and never know what effort, dedication and pain goes behind the winning façade. Your story was a lesson to all of us in setting and striving for our goals in life. This message was perfect for the occasion where we recognized people in the community who showed pride and dedication to their vocations. It certainly made it a special night for them.


Kerri you were superb!"

Pam Pritchard
Vocational Service Director
Rotary Club of Turramurra



"Kerri was fantastic and she definitely struck a chord with our team. The way she tailored her speech for us was especially powerful."





"Thank you very much for coming to Rydges, Cronulla and speaking at our Breakfast Club. It was a fantastic kick start for the Club. The response was extremely positive from the guests - below are just some of the comments from the survey".


"Very interesting, I could listen to her again" - Diana Bebbington, Caltex


"Fantastic. Her journey was amazing and very motivating" - Katrina Stuve, Caltex


"Extremely interesting and motivating" - Roslyn Clark, Abbott


"She was excellent!! Very well spoken and covered so many things" - Sharyn Fulton, Abbott


"Kerri was an excellent speaker. Inspiring to listen to" - Pauline Stanton, Abbott


"Very inspiring, surprisingly pertinent to corporate issues" - Jenny Whiting, Abbott


"Kerri was passionate, enthusiastic and a great warm personality - a great role model" - Dianne Prince, Abbott


"Kerri spoke very well - easy to listen to and kept the attention of the audience. I got great insight into Olympics behind the scenes. She related well to everyday life goals" - Karen Wein, Abbott


"Wonderful, amusing, exhilarating, great start to the day. She deserves all her success" - Rhonda Booth, Brownbuilt


"Congratulations Kerri and thanks again."

Anita Best
Client Relations Executive
Rydges Cronulla



"…at this conference Kerri captivated and motivated the audience with her story in the lead up to winning the Bronze Medal in Atlanta. …After the Sydney Olympics… she involved the right amount of humour, motivation and information to ensure she was the highlight of the evening."

Alison Wallace
Marketing Manager for Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific




"Kerri is extremely down to earth and has the rare ability of being able to communicate with all levels of the community… Having presented at a number of major corporate functions the confidence in which Kerri carries herself is a major positive. Her attitude and enthusiasm compliments her on stage performances."

Pat Cunningham
Relationship Manager, Sponsorships



"We always enjoy hearing from famous sporting personalities and your talk was funny, motivational and inspiring - your Bronze and Gold medals were a big hit! The fact that you had the members lining up for autographs and photos was evidence of your popularity."

Mike Vasin
Executive Director
NSW Maccabi



"It gave us a lot of pleasure to see and talk to you and our memento photos will be treasured for years to come and remind us how much we enjoyed your company and how proud of you we felt..."

Wayne Bayfield
Bayfield Hotels (Newport)



"Kerri's appearance was a major boost to the evening and we all thoroughly enjoyed listening to her! This was the second time I have seen Kerri speak and she is such a natural, relaxed, personable and interesting speaker that by the end of her address, you really feel like you have come to know her. We had very positive feedback from our clients, one of whom has already made contact about employing Kerri as MC at their major Staff Awards night - largely because of her ability to inspire and motivate. We also had clients indicate that they are very interested in her running some team building beach volleyball sessions for their executives and clients.


We will continue to recommend Kerri to our clients as a very interesting, down-to-earth speaker who motivates and inspires, as well as her beach volleyball days to enhance team building conferences and events."

Ilana Den
Managing Director
Conference Call




"Overall grading – Excellent


Kerri was an excellent speaker. She caught everyones attention as soon as she walked up on stage. Kerri was down to earth – she is such a natural public speaker. Her speech was well received by everyone who attended the Sports Awards Gala Night."

Mark Gibson
Events Officer
Blacktown City Council



"The feedback has been magnificent... ranging from “interesting,” “exciting,” “invigorating,” “motivating,” to “the best event I’ve ever seen.”

Kathryn Coopes
Ernst & Young




"I really enjoyed your speech yesterday and felt fired up to reach my own Gold medal in life!


You truly are a hero – that reflects in whatever you say or do.


When you spoke from the heart a light went on – you were in your zone and everyone felt it too."

James Holden


Speakers performance - 10

Interaction with guests - 10

Ability to follow brief - 10


"Kerri was very at ease and very outgoing. She delivered a very inspiring, interesting, funny and motivational speech."

University of NSW